Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcoming Teen Events

Even though school has started again, there are still events for teens at Brighton Memorial Library.
Here are some upcoming events that may interest you:

Thursday September 24 at 7 pm
Book Discussion of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

October 1 -November 18
Enter our Postcard sized Art Contest. Open to students in grades 6-12 who live or go to
school in Brighton.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

End of Summer Costume Party!!!!

Come to the Library on Thursday, August 6th at 7pm for our End of Summer Costume Party! Dress like a character from a required summer reading books and be eligible for prizes! We'll be giving out awards for:

Most Red Carpet Worthy
Most Dramatic
Best character representation
Most Comedic

We'll also draw from all of the entries to Books and Bribes and give away more prizes.

Of course, like always, we'll have snacks and entertainment!

This event is open to 12-18 year olds.

See you there!
(This event is sponsored by the Friends of BML.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This pathfinder will be useful in finding information about biographies.

For an introduction to the topic see:
How to write an interesting biography


Reference Background:
509 Biographical Dictionary of Scientists

796.03 Encyclopedia of World Sport

R810.9 American Authors 1600-1900

R920 Merriam Webster's Biographical Dictionary

R920 Biographical Dictionary of African Americans

920.72 Grolier Library of Women Biographies

R923.5 Webster's American Military Biographies

R970 Native American Biographies

973 The presidents, first ladies, and vice presidents : White House biographies, 1789-2001

R920s -check this area in the Brighton Memorial Library for further biographies


Go to the Monroe County Library electronic card catalog. Type in the name of the person and click KEYWORD. Booklist the books you want, then print the booklist and find them on the shelves.

Web Sites

Internet Public Library-Biographies

Time 100 World's Most Influential People

PBS Home Page-

America's Story from America's Library

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pathfinder on Controversial Topics

This pathfinder will be useful in finding information about controversial issues-the pros and cons of a subject- like gun control, electronic cars, immigration, etc.

For an introduction to the topic see:
How to Write a Position Paper

Keywords/Search Term:
Controversial issues

Finding a topic:
Possible Subject Headings & Examples of Controversial Issue Questions
List of Controversial Issues and Links to Websites showing both sides of the issues.

Library Reference:
361.1 Opposing Viewpoints Series- A large series containing opposing viewpoints on many issues.
305 Taking sides: Clashing views on controversial issues in childhood and society
363 Taking sides : Clashing views on controversial environmental issues.
973 Taking sides : Clashing views on controversial issues in American history.

Online Reference Background:
Free Online Dictionary

NovelNY- NY Online Virtual Library-(need library card to access)
Infotract Custom Newspapers including The New York Times- from 1995 on.
ProQuest Platinum

Web Sites:

Best Info on the Net - from St. Ambrose University Library

They promote critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship. Their sites present controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state, and local government web resources and services. Contains government documents on current hot issues like affirmative action, children and tobacco, welfare reform, etc., searchable.

National Issues: Contains a lot of information regarding politics, elections & taxation.

Public Agenda-"For over 30 years, Public Agenda has been providing unbiased and unparalleled research that bridges the gap between American leaders and what the public really thinks about issues ranging from education to foreign policy to immigration to religion and civility in American life."

Frontline-Frontline is a PBS television series that explores in depth issues in public affairs. Since 1995-1996 each issue explored has a companion website and transcript of the program.

Yahoo's Directory of Issues and Causes

10,000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports & Speeches by Kathyrn Lamm. New York, NY. Macmillan, 1998.
Good Luck!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The 2008 Teens' Top Ten

More than 8,000 teen readers across the country chose Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer as their favorite book in the annual Teens’ Top Ten. The online vote took place during Teen Read Week, October 12-18, 2008, with the third entry in Meyer’s popular vampire romance series winning easily.

1. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
4. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
5. Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson
6. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
7. The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
8. Extras by Scott Westerfeld
9. Before I Die by Jenny Downham
10. Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson


Cannot get enough vampires? Here are sites that list enough vampire books to keep you up all night!

Books Similar to "A Child Called It" By David Pelzer

Hayden, Torey L.
Ghost Girl, 326 Pages, 2002
In this true story, Torie meets Jadie, an elective mute in her classroom. With effort and patience, Torie encourages Jadie to reveal her story of horrific sexual abuse. When Torie goes to the authorities, they are reluctant to believe her. In the end, Jadie grows up to be a happy and functioning adult.

Goobie, Beth
Something Girl, 105 pages, 2008
Sophie, 15, is your typical teenager, except for the fact that she is being abused at home by her "upstanding father" and is afraid to reveal it. No matter what she does, it is never good enough. When Sophie ends up hospitalized after a severe beating, her friend Jujube encourages her to reveal the truth about what is going on at home.

Fisher, Antwone Quentin
Finding Fish: A Memoir, 352 pages, 2001
Fish was born in prison to an underage mother serving time for murder. Placed in foster care, he endures a long stint of searing abuse until he escapes and lives on the street. He finally enlists in the Navy and finds the loving family he never had. His grit and determination shines through this uplifting story as he goes on to great success.

Pelzer, Dave
The Lost Boy, 250 pages, 1997
A sequel to a Child Called It, this book follows Dave in his difficult teen years through 5 foster homes and when finally ends up at the "Hall." We see Dave struggling with growing up, at times defiant and rebellious but always endearing. At 18 he joins the Air Force where he turns his life around. This continuation of Dave's story is a must for anyone that liked A Child Called It as it follows Dave through his teenage years.

Breaking Up is Hard To Do By Niki Burnham, Terri Clark, Ellen Hopkin & Lynda Sandoval

book review
Toby's not ready for sex, goth girl Dee learns she's being used, Lisa finds love for the first time, and Mia's lesbian gf might not be gay after all. These four unrelatednovellas were a pleasure to read, perfect for the exercise bike, and a perfect balance with each other. Recommended for those needing some love stories.

Something Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

book review
Hannah's parents have embarassing, sexy jobs, and all she wants is a normal life and to date Josh -- and reconnecting with her father wouldn't be bad if the TV cameras stayed away -- but when she starts talking more to Finn, she's not sure who or what she wants anymore. I loved the quirky jobs all of the characters had in this book, and the humorous MC's voice made for a fun read. Recommended romance. Also recommended by this great author:

~ Living Dead Girl

~ Love You Hate You Miss You

~ Perfect You

Peak by Roland Smith

book review
After pulling a stunt in NYC that has him arrested, Peak is bailed out by his absent, professional climber father who flies him to Nepal where he learns that he'll have a shot at reaching the summit of Mount Everest -- if he can survive 29,000 feet above sea level. Just reading this book made me cold! The teens at my library weren't kidding when they told me to read this book. Perfect beginning, exciting middle, perfect ending. Great adventure!

Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

book review
Alexis tells her little sister Kasey a story about something bad that happened in their house, and soon after Kasey begins acting very strange, then violent,until Alexis is certain she's posessed by an evil ghost seeking revenge. Creepy story with hints of the old Disney movie The Watcher in the Woods that I loved as a child. They way all the clues happened to fit together at the end was a bit neat and tidy, but overall a good read.

Ghost Huntress: The Awakening by Marley Gibson

book review
Kendall's family moves from Chicago to super quiet Radisson, Georgia, where she begins to hear ghosts, so with the help of a ghost-hunting obsessed new friend, Kendall seeks to put a stop to a ghost who may be after her father. Fun story with many references to all the scientific gear that those in the ghost hunting TV shows use.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Great site!


Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature

Join Us for a Teen Book Talk .... with Bookseller Amanda:

Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande

Thursday, June 25 from 7 - 8 pm

Join us for book trivia and prizes. Snacks provided. Open to students in grades 6-12.

Sponsored by the Friends of BML.

Exciting Teen Contests @ BML

Check out these cool Teen Contests going on at Brighton Memorial Libray. Open to everyone from grades 6-12.

Check out the Internet Public Library!

Want to go to the library, but it is closed? Check out the Teenspace at the Internet Public Library (IPL). With guides to Graphic Novels and a listing of FAEQs (Frequently Asked Embarressing Questions), Directories of Clubs and Organizations on any topic, Information on Health and Sexuality, Technology resources- You will enjoy this Virtual Library!

Homework Resources

Bogged down with homework? Here are some sites that would help you in your quest to get those answers.

  1. Internet Public Library-School and Homework help! As if you walked into the library and got help with your homework.

  2. BJ Pinchbeck-a site run by a teen with over 735 links for homework help.

  3. Homework Center -at the Multnomah County Library. Sites selected by a librarian to help with all of your research projects.

Jobs, Jobs and Jobs

Here are listings of jobs available for teens:

Here are some local business that hire teenagers in the Rochester area.

Money & How to Earn It!

Well, we all need money-lots of it! In order to get that money, we need a job! Here is how to write that resume that will get you all that money and some sample resumes to get started. Occasionally, writing a cover letter and filling out an application will get you more dough. So this site will help you write that awesome cover letter. These places teach you how to interview well-Interview tips I, II.