Monday, June 22, 2009

Books Similar to "A Child Called It" By David Pelzer

Hayden, Torey L.
Ghost Girl, 326 Pages, 2002
In this true story, Torie meets Jadie, an elective mute in her classroom. With effort and patience, Torie encourages Jadie to reveal her story of horrific sexual abuse. When Torie goes to the authorities, they are reluctant to believe her. In the end, Jadie grows up to be a happy and functioning adult.

Goobie, Beth
Something Girl, 105 pages, 2008
Sophie, 15, is your typical teenager, except for the fact that she is being abused at home by her "upstanding father" and is afraid to reveal it. No matter what she does, it is never good enough. When Sophie ends up hospitalized after a severe beating, her friend Jujube encourages her to reveal the truth about what is going on at home.

Fisher, Antwone Quentin
Finding Fish: A Memoir, 352 pages, 2001
Fish was born in prison to an underage mother serving time for murder. Placed in foster care, he endures a long stint of searing abuse until he escapes and lives on the street. He finally enlists in the Navy and finds the loving family he never had. His grit and determination shines through this uplifting story as he goes on to great success.

Pelzer, Dave
The Lost Boy, 250 pages, 1997
A sequel to a Child Called It, this book follows Dave in his difficult teen years through 5 foster homes and when finally ends up at the "Hall." We see Dave struggling with growing up, at times defiant and rebellious but always endearing. At 18 he joins the Air Force where he turns his life around. This continuation of Dave's story is a must for anyone that liked A Child Called It as it follows Dave through his teenage years.

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